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Project Overview


On moving into a new house, Mr Ruddick needed our services to clear the back garden. There were severely overgrown shrubs, and hedges, and two trees that needed to be rescued from the surrounding flora! The reason for the clearance was to make space for a new vegetable garden and get some light back into the garden after years of neglect.

Our Solution


After a brief conversation with Mr Ruddick, and some explaination about what the different shrubs and hedges could offer the garden in the future, if better managed, we put a plan together, and gave Mr Ruddick a quote. He duly accepted the quote, and within a day we had cut everything back to reveal a great area for his vegetable patch, we kept some of the plants and cut them back to a reasonable level, and reduced the Rohan tree.

Understanding Mr Ruddick’s needs we also thought it would be great to chip the off cuts of the hedges and shrubs, so he could use them over the following year as mulch.



  • Shrubs and hedges cut back, or removed as requested
  • Roots dug out of removed shrubs/hedges
  • Branches and off cuts chipped for mulch/li>
  • Area cleared of leaves and any debris

This job was great as we managed to complete it in a day and Mr Ruddick was very happy (see his testimonial!).
This is fairly typical of the domestic work we carry out, and the difference to the garden was clear to see.

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